Dr. Wasan Shakir Awad, Dean of College of Information Technology

Dean’s Welcome

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, and Friends,

Welcome to the College of Information Technology at AHLIA University.

The College of Information Technology was established as a constituent college of Ahlia University since it was founded in 2001. Over the last few years, the College has seen a remarkable growth in several critical areas, including student enrollment, number of well-qualified faculty with international experience, research, and well-designed academic programme offerings. Underlying all our College growth and development is a commitment to student learning, a commitment to deliver high quality education in accordance with international standards and in tune with the local needs of the industry and business and a commitment to ensuring a continuous improvement process that delivers a quality education to our students. The College aims to produce high quality professionals in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science to enable them to excel in their fields of work and make a significant and valuable contribution to society. Therefore, our programmes apply a hands-on, reality-based approach to education that allows students to apply what they learn in class to solve real-life problems. Our teaching philosophy and problem solving based learning process prepare students to become innovators, and leaders of the future.

The College offers three degrees, B.S. degrees in Information Technology (BSIT) and Distributed Systems and Multimedia (BSDSM), and masters’ degree in Information Technology and Computer Science (MITCS). In 2010 the College received full confidence in its Master programme (MITCS) in a review conducted by the Quality Assurance Authority of Education and Training (QAAET). Furthermore, we are proud to announce that under the Programmes-Within-College Review (PWCR) by the same authority, the College has received confidence in all its three programmes.

We wish you all the best for your studies and your future growth in the field. I invite you to explore opportunities at our College, to visit our website, and to contact me directly at wawad@ahlia.edu.bh.


Best Wishes

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Dr. Wasan Shakir Awad




Our vision is:

To be a regional leader and an outstanding international centre of excellence in education, research and professional development in Information Technology.

Our mission is:
  • To provide high quality undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs in Information Technology.
  • To prepare highly competent professionals to be tomorrow’s leaders.
  • To provide high quality services, expertise and resources to society in the form of projects, training and consultation.
  • To conduct innovative computing research that advances the frontiers of knowledge and applied state-of-the art-solutions to local problems


Stemmed from the desire and sense of responsibility that Ahlia University has against the society and their own students, and as part of their vision, of being leaders in the market of higher education, they do understand the need to invest in their capital made of partially their students in order to equip the market with talented workforce. Based on this, internship (INTR 441) course was introduced, representing a structured opportunity to incorporate academic, professional and personal skills development which enables the student to gain a planned and directed learning experience. It enables the student to integrate knowledge gained through their classroom learning with the competencies made available through actual experience in a professional setting. Internship gives students an opportunity to gain experience of an IT- work environment and to develop links with professionals in the field they are considering for a future career. Furthermore, It used to enhance student employability and at the same time to build relationships between the university, businesses and the local community.

The internship programme requires a minimum of 240 hours of work at the internship worksite. Students will receive academic credit after a successful completion of the programme. The numbers of credits that are earned by the student as a result of successful completion of the internship programme are 6 credits.

IT students get superior and brilliant experience through internship course associated and incorporated by directorate of students career & recruitment. There is a remarkable success in student performances proven by college supervisor’s reports given by college internship supervisor and officers. Most of the internes have been demonstrated exceptional and outstanding performances, morality, dedication and punctuality in their workplaces stated by their directors and supervisors during site visits. Fortunately, some of them will be hired immediately while obtaining their academic degrees such as our student “ Yousif Sabba” who has proven his capability and competency at Electricity and Water Authority.

IT interns are assigned in public and private sectors related to IT, such as, Minstry of Education (Information Systems Directorate), Electricity and Water Authority (information Systems Directorate), Prince Vents Managements, and Gulf Air.


Information Technology (IT) is about meeting user needs within an organsational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. Therefore, the job opportunities of an IT graduate including but not limited to: Computer Application Programmer, Database Architect, IT solution architect, Software Engineer, Systems analyst, Technical support, Technical consultant, Technical sales, Project manager, Web developer, Software tester, and System administrator.


Research of the College of Information Technology faculty focuses on the challenges in modern society. The College faculty members work on leading multidisciplinary research themes and forge connections with partners in society and industry. The faculty members conduct high quality research in information technology, computer science, and multimedia sciences, focused around the following themes, and with active inter-disciplinary engagement: Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, Image Processing, Computational Intelligence, Web Technologies, Simulation and Modelling, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Cloud Computing, and Business Intelligence.

College of Information Technology has active research programmes in various fields of specialisation and also offers M.Sc. programme associated with the research interests of the academic body.

In addition, several academic staff members are involved in national research projects, sometimes in association with industry. For example, assessing and improving the security systems, improving and developing decision support systems using Business Intelligence for a number of organizations.

Furthermore, some of the faculty members succeeded to find original solutions for a number of complex problems, for example, finding an automated method for designing cipher systems of high level of security, designing a new  model for evaluating e-learning systems which became a standard model, and proposing a new tool for extracting hidden structures from electronic documents.

To view the college research click here.


If you would like to know more about our programmes we would love to hear from you. Email Dr Wasan on wawad@ahlia.edu.bh or call  17298999 (ext. 8962) or pop in and visit us.


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College External Advisory Board

NAME Position Organization
Mr. Ubaidly Al Ubaidly Managing Director Al Nadeem Information Technology
Mr. Ahmad Al Hujairi Managing Director Gulf Future Business
Mr. Jameel Al Najjar Managing Director Hi Tech
Mr. Adnan Al Mahmood IT & Knowledge Manager Gulf Petrolchemical Industries Company (GPIC)
Mr. Ali Al Banna Executive Manager (AU Alumni) Pitman
Mr. Hashim Al Alawi Head of Information Technology Department Shura Council
Mr. Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed Computer Specialist
Maintaining datacenter, network and communication systems, and working on Environmental IT projects
Supreme Council for Environment, ICT Section
Wafeeq Ajoor Executive IT Advisor National Health Regulatory Authority
Ali AlMeshal eBusiness Manager, CrediMax

Internal Seminars

  1. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Karim Hadjar,  New Approach for Scheduling tasks and / or jobs in Big Data Cluster.

  2. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Suresh Subramanian, Duplicate Detection.

  3. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Hasan Kadhem,  Authentication Mobiles.

  4. 22thMarch 2017, Ms. Jenan Al MoosaFuzzy Database for the Heart.

  5. 14th December 2016, Dr. Baraa Sharif, Routing Protocol for Seamless Connectivity over VANET-UMTS Heterogeneous Network.

  6.  7th December 2016, Mrs. Khadija Ateya Almohsen, Recommender Systems in the Context of Big Data.

  7.  30th November 2016, Dr. Wasan Awad, GP- based Cipher Systems Design.

  8.  9th November 2016, Dr. Sohail Safdar, Research Gap Analysis through Personalized Structured Literature Review: Continuous System Availability During Cyber Threats.

  9. 2nd November 2016, Dr. Suresh Subramanian, Classification of Microarray Data Analysis Using Hadoop Mapereduce Based SVM Kernels in Bigdata.

  10. 26th October 2016, Dr. Hasan KadhemBalancing Security and Performance for Encrypted Database in the Cloud.