Business & Finance Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Marketing (BSMM)

Management and marketing are two important business disciplines that focus on the planning and application of strategies and techniques. These disciplines are important as regards the utilization of organizational resources. Professionals in these fields are able to manage their enterprises more efficiently and effectively by identifying and fulfilling clients’ needs and wants.

The programme aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge to enable them pursue a career in management or marketing, and /or advanced further study. In order that students are able to accomplish this, the programme seeks to provide students with the analytical skills necessary to apply their knowledge in organizations in which they are employed, to acquaint them with changing techniques and practices in the professional world, to develop their competence in marketing strategies formulation and to enhance their communication skills.

Programme Aims

The programme aims to produce graduates who:

  • Are able to identify trends, problems and conduct research in the field of management and marketing.
  • Appreciate professional responsibilities of management and marketing tasks.
  • Have analytical skills, creative skills and able to apply management and marketing concepts.
  • Have skills in reflective practice, and life-long learning, and can therefore respond to the dynamic nature of the profession and the changing management and marketing needs of the community.
  • Have the knowledge and expertise to meet the demands of current and future employment by working in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Possess and practice soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills and organisational development skills.


Many national, regional and global organisations are based in Bahrain because of its excellent location and reputation in education and business as a result of advanced infrastructure. Therefore, the employment opportunities for our graduates are many but could be briefly summarised as follows:

  • Executive trainees in different types of corporations including financial institutions
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Marketers
  • Brand managers
  • Product developers
  • Event managers
  • Public relation managers

Besides the professional working areas above, our department’s graduates may also establish their own businesses as entrepreneurs. The Department of Management and Marketing aims to prepare its graduates for their career lives with interdisciplinary education pattern planned in accordance with the needs of business environment.

Study Plan

First Year

In the first year, students will begin by taking foundation courses as part of the university requirements. Students will acquire a basic knowledge of English, Mathematics and Accounting, which are essential for the foundation and advanced courses in management and marketing.

Second Year

In year two, students take courses in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Microeconomics, and Information Technology. Students also take the first courses in their specialisation fields of management and marketing.

Third Year

In year three, students are required to complete courses in Accounting, Law and Business Ethics.

During the first semester some compulsory courses are required in the areas of management and marketing namely Production & Operations Management, Human Resources Management, and Consumer Behaviour.

Fourth Year

In their last year, BSMM students undertake a structured course project in management or marketing, generally involving research on a particular topic in management or reporting on a field-work in a managerial organisation.

The project provides students with practical experience in defining a research problem in the field of management or marketing, and in designing and conducting a research project accordingly

Programme Exemptions

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Exemptions from the following CIM modules:

  • CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing / Professional Marketing / Professional Digital Marketing
  • CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing / Professional Digital Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Exemptions from the following CIMA examinations during the programme:

  • BA1 Fundamentals of Business Economics
  • BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
  • E1 Organisational Management

The student can sit for the first CIMA exam at the end of his/her 3rd year

* Provided the student completes one Free Elective and one Major Elective in Marketing (Marketing Research/Marketing of Financial Services/Advertising & Promotions Management/Customer Relationship Management)

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for admission at the undergraduate level, an applicant should normally hold a recently issued recognized secondary school certificate or its equivalent. The requirements for admission stated by the University are in all cases the minimum demanded for admission, and their fulfilment by a candidate does not automatically ensure his /her selection. Prior to enrolling at Ahlia University, citizens of non-GCC States should secure residence permits in the Kingdom of Bahrain; otherwise, their admission will be conditional and subject to being rescinded at the discretion of the University

English Language Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate a level of English proficiency consistent with the demands of an academic programme taught and assessed almost exclusively in the English language. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Submission of an internationally recognized certificate of English language proficiency, e.g. Cambridge ESOL SCE or City & Guild’s Pitman Intermediate Level.
  • Attainment of an acceptable score on an internationally recognized examination of English language proficiency, typically either IELTS or TOFEL.
  • Passing the University English language placement test.

Recognized Secondary Certificates

  • Bahraini secondary School certificate (Tawjihia).
  • Secondary school certificates awarded by private secondary school in the Kingdom of Bahrain provided such certificates are endorsed by the Bahraini Ministry of Education.
  • Arab secondary school certificates awarded by Arab Ministries of Education. Where applicable, the streams of these certificates are given the same consideration as the Bahraini Tawjihia.
  • Any other certificates recognized by the Bahraini Ministry of Education as equivalent to a Tawjihia certificate.

Programme Specific Requirements

The applicants who meet the following programme specific admission requirements will be admitted to the programme:

Academic Score in the Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihia) or its Equivalent

  • Unconditional Acceptance: 60%
  • Conditional Acceptance; Passing an interview: 50%
  • Tracks Accepted: All Tracks

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

The estimated duration for completion of a Bachelors Degree at Ahlia University is 4 years. This is structured around 134 credit-hours covering 45 courses.

The duration of study for each course is fifteen weeks, covering approximately 45 study hours.

Item Fee
Application Fee BD 20
Registration Fee BD 200
Placement Tests Fee ( if applicable ) BD 40
Orientation Courses ( if applicable ) BD 1,200
100 Level Courses – 12 courses ( BD 300 Per Course ) BD 3,600
200 Level Courses – 11 courses ( BD 330 Per Course ) BD 3,630
300 Level Courses – 11 courses ( BD 360 Per Course ) BD 3,960
400 Level Courses – 11 courses ( BD 390 Per Course ) BD 4,290

Tuition Discounts

Item Discount
Orphans and people with special needs 50%
High school average of 95% or above 50%
High school average of 90% or above 25%
High school average of 80% or above 20%