Institutional Accreditation& Quality Assurance

Institutional Placement

AU was placed as part of Institutional Listing in 2015; General Qualification Directorate (GDQ) has published the listing report dated 8th July, 2015.

Higher Education Council Accreditation

The Higher Education Council (HEC) in Bahrain has implemented a mandatory system of accreditation for the higher education sector. The accreditation is aligned with international standards and is granted on an institution-wide basis for a period of 4 years. The accreditation aims to support confidence by stakeholders in the quality of provision of the institution, and its capacity to maintain and enhance quality, among other things.

Ahlia University achieved institutional accreditation in 2019. The accreditation serves as a quality mark that is expected to enable the institution to expand its international student recruitment activities to new markets.

Education & Training Quality Authority Certification

As one of the Education & Training Quality Authority’s (BQA) core functions, HEIs in Bahrain are subject to institutional reviews where the whole institution is periodically assessed to enhance the quality of higher education, ensure accountability to the public, and identify/ disseminate information on good practice.

In 2010, Ahlia University underwent the (first cycle) Institutional Review whereby:

In 2019, Ahlia University underwent the second cycle Institutional Review, whereby the university was subject to a more mature set of indicators and standards. The university obtained the highest-level judgement – “Meets Quality Assurance Requirements” – ensuring the quality mark and certification for a period of five years.