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Research Fellow – Lecturer College of Arts & Science Interior Design Dept.

Contact Information

  • Holds BA and MA in Interior Design from Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK
  • Has worked on various live projects of clients such as Duncan Fisher, Chill Factor E with Faulkner Brown Architects, Live Theatre, and Dance City


Amani Alaali was an International Baccalaureate (IB) student at Bahrain Bayan School, and had been fortunate to be taught by very motivational teachers, who not only fostered her talents, but also encouraged her to be creative in thinking about her future.

With the support of her teachers, she went on to study Interior Design in Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK, where she acquired her BA (Hons) in Interior Design (2009-2012). During her studies she worked on live projects, with real clients such as Duncan Fisher, Chill Factor E with Faulkner Brown Architects, Live Theatre, and Dance City. She was shortlisted twice to present to the clients, and was chosen as the overall challenge winner by the judges Ian McKeown, CEO of Dance City, and Craig Miller, Dance City Communications Manager, for the Dance City project. Her project is currently featured on the university’s website. She then decided to further develop her skills and advance in her field of study by studying MA Interior Design in the same university (2012-2013).

She is currently a lecturer at Ahlia University, where she enjoys sharing her passion with like-minded individuals and also learning from them in an academic setting. Her area of focus in terms of research includes commercial interiors including windows displays and offices.


Undergraduate projects

  • The Effect of being Green by opening a DIY Center for Youth of Age 14-17 years
  • The Impact of Kindergartens’ Environment on Children
  • Colour Consideration and Textures in Café design. A case study in Chaise Café & Art Gallery, Bahrain
  • Productivity and Design: Proposal for Telecommunication Company. A case study in Zain Telecommunications, Manama, Bahrain


  • “A story to be told: Nostalgia in Design”, Ahlia University Fifth Annual Research Forum, March 2017

Teaching Areas

  • INTD 102 – Introduction to Design

  • INTD 203 – Design Workshop

  • INTD 204 – Design Drawing I

  • INTD 300 – Design Studio I

  • INTD 304 – Lighting and Acoustics

  • INTD 310 – Design Studio II

  • INTD 338 – Photoshop

  • INTD 400 – Design Studio III

  • INTD 405 – Computer Application in Design III

  • INTD 410 – Design Studio IV

Research Areas

  • Interior design
  • Nostalgia in design
  • Maximizing the use of spaces

Faculty Research

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Improving Collaborations between Brand Managers and Experience Designers Within The Pressures of Globalization: A Case Study About Nostalgic Experiences in Modern Spatial Design in Bahrain.

Amani Alaali