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Dr. Mohamed Ali Habib

Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Science, Mathematical Sciences, Languages ​​and General Studies Dept.

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  • Holds a PhD from University of Leeds (UK) with a thesis in “Inquiry Communities in Primary Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Bahrain”
  • Due to his distinguished work was appointed as a consultant for the ‘Mawhiba Project’ in the School of Education at the University of Leeds
  • Has served as mathematics teacher supervisor in the Ministry of Education for four years
  • Served as Acting Director General and led Ahlia School’s transformation project and the extended the school building


Dr Mohammed Ali H Abdul Hussain holds a PhD from University of Leeds (UK) in one of the most contemporary reform approaches in mathematics teaching and learning, with a thesis in “Inquiry Communities in Primary Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Bahrain”. He also has an MSc in Functional Analysis (Pure Mathematics) from University of Bahrain with a high distinction; thesis title: “Uniformly Dominated Sets in p-Summing Operators”. He also holds a BSc in Mathematics & Education (Mathematics as major and Education as minor).

Dr Mohammed has published many papers in functional analysis (operator theory) and in mathematics teaching and learning, in high quality international journals (see below). He also have non-published papers in mathematics, such as Semi-Invariant Metric Spaces. He has presented papers at many international and national conferences.

Dr Mohammed taught mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bahrain (part time) in 1991/92 and 1995/96.

He also taught professional courses for many kindergarten teachers and subject teachers such as: assessment and evaluation, differentiation, developing thinking skills, strategic planning, and transformative classroom management.

Between 2010 and 2011, he worked in School Improvement Teams to support schools in order to improve their practices in the light of Quality Assurance Agency standards.

Dr Mohammed was also a member of the implementation group of the Bahrain Numeracy Strategy (BNS), a new comprehensive reform strategy in Bahraini Primary Education, from February 2011 to January 2015. Within this project he was responsible (mainly) for teacher training and coaching for all Bahraini teachers in cycles 1 and 2 of primary education and also he was supporting other sub-projects in BNS. In addition, within this important project, he also contributed in reviewing and modifying new mathematics curriculum including long, medium and short term plans, teacher and parents’ guides, and other documents.

Dr Mohammed led Ahlia School, Bahrain, as Acting Director General, achieving a transformation project and the extension of the school building as well.

Before this, Dr Mohammed worked as a primary mathematics teacher for eight years, a part time lecturer at University of Bahrain for two years and as a mathematics teacher supervisor in the Ministry of Education for four years. After that, he was assigned as a general coordinator (acting as a Head) of the Teacher Supervision Division in the Primary Education Directorate in the Ministry of Education. According to this post, he took a set of technical and managerial responsibilities in order to lead the supervision processes of all teacher supervisors involving all different school subjects which included all (115 at that period) primary schools.

At that time, he participated in many developmental committees and contributed to setting new reform documents for developing curricula, teaching and learning, continuous professional development, strategic developmental plans, school self and external evaluation systems, quality of education, students’ assessment and proposing a new vision and job descriptions and organization structure for the Teacher Supervision Directorate.

Dr Mohammed led lot of training/coaching sessions and workshops for the benefit of school principals, principals’ assistants, senior teachers, and teachers of different stages, i.e. from primary to secondary education.

From 01/1/2005 to 30/4/2005, Dr Mohammed worked with UNDP as a consultant together with an international expert in the field of community participation which was part of a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of Bahrain educational system.

In addition, Dr Mohammed attended various conferences, workshops and events in and outside Bahrain, especially in UK. In 1999 he was a member of an official Bahrain team which visited OFSTED, QAA, some local authorities and some schools in UK. He also attended an event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, about thinking skills and thinking classrooms. Also he visited South Korea to understand the development of their educational system. He has good experience in ICT and its application in mathematics teaching and learning.

In the United Kingdom from 2006 to 2010, he had several opportunities to attend and to contribute to educational conferences and workshops. His distinguished work led to appointment as a consultant for the ‘Mawhiba Project’ in the School of Education at the University of Leeds, UK, a project to design and establish a new series of mathematical textbooks with advanced mathematical tasks for outstanding and talented students in Year 4 to Year 12 of Saudi schools.

Teaching Areas

  • Mathematics courses on all topics
  • Abstract algebra
  • Differential equations

Research Areas

  • Operator Theory and p-Summing Operators
  • Mathematical conceptual knowledge
  • Mathematics classroom discourse in a wider sense
  • Designing interactive and engaging mathematical tasks
  • Teacher professional development
  • Inquiry Model

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