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Dr. Kadhim Moans Aziz Al Saedi

Associate Professor – College of Arts & Science – Mass Communications & Public Relations Dept.

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DR. KADHIM MOANS AZIZ : Is an associate Professor at the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He holds a PHD In Theory of Mass Communication from the well- reputed University of Santiago De Compostela In Spain. During his academic carrier : he has served as an academic ,adviser , dean, head department for five times. He is Currently working as an academic professor at Ahlia University.
He worked in the press for many years and published many studies and scientific research in refereed journals, which are also available on various websites on the Internet. He won a number of awards for authoring a number of theatrical works that were shown in Arab and European countries, the last of which was the award of the Carthage International Festival for Monodrama, for this year(2021). In Tunisia, he also published a number of books in the areas of art criticism, media and communication theories, and in cinema and television.

Main Responsibilities

Faculty member

Teaching Areas

  • Media and Mass Communication

Research Areas

  • Art criticism
  • Media and Communication Theories
  • Cinema
  • Television

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