Ahlia University Signs an MoU with the Bahraini Association for Parents of the Disabled

The President of Ahlia University, Professor Mansour Al-Aali, noted that disabled people receive special care and attention the academic and administrative bodies of the university. They also receive partial scholarships of 50% of the tuition fees, which is what made Ahlia university the most attractive among universities to this segment of society.

prof. Al-Aali praised the campaign launched by the Bahraini Association for Parents of the Disabled, which included collecting and recycling of plastics to benefit from its revenue in providing special chairs for the disabled.

For his part, the President of the Bahraini Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled affirmed his pride in the prestigious status of Ahlia University and the role played by the university in supporting and assisting the disabled and their families, noting the successes achieved by the university in graduating dozens of students with disabilities in the past years, expressing the association’s desire for more cooperation with the university.

Ahlia University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bahraini Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled, with the aim of achieving fruitful cooperation between them on the basis of mutual benefit and common interests, in accordance with the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ahlia University was represented by the President of the University, Professor Mansour Al-Aali, and the Bahraini Society for Parents and Friends of the Disabled was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Jassim Muhammad Siyadi.

This agreement comes within the framework of both parties’ desire to activate the role of cooperation between them, and bilateral cooperation in the field of supporting students with disabilities, that is through exchanging invitations to participate and attend events held by the two parties, and the university provided support for the activities of the Bahraini Association for Parents of the Disabled and their friends by collecting plastic materials in all University facilities and presenting them to the association for recycling in order to contribute to the purchase of the largest possible number of wheelchairs for specific cases of people with disabilities, in addition to organizing joint activities aimed at enhancing the opportunities of enabling students with disabilities from completing their university education.

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