Ahlia Students Participate in the International Scientific Events in UK

Mahmood Mansour Wins the “IMSS2022 Change Maker” Award.

The Founding President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ahlia University, Professor Abdulla Al-Hawaj, praisied the visit of a delegation of the MBA students to the United Kingdom to participate in the international summer scientific events held recently by the British University of Bradford. Prof.

Prof. Al-Hawaj claimed that the university is keen to provide all financial and moral support to its students to participate in this event and many other scientific and cultural events that enhance their capabilities and abilities in line with the strategies of the Higher Education Council, its general secretariat, and Ahlia University plans.

A delegation of MBA students from Ahlia University’s participated in the event to discuss and solve challenges related to leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in the field of business, and the circular economy. The event attracted many international business students nominated from several universities, CEOs, specialist speakers, researchers, and academics, while Ahlia University was represented by 4 MBA students: Mahmood Mohammed Mansour Ali, Sara Ebrahim Ali Mohsen, Ibtisam Mohammed Jaffar Salman, and Fawzia Yousif Abdulla Zainal.

The student, Mahmood Mansour, won the “IMSS2022 Change Maker” award within the international summer scientific events, while the rest of the students from the delegation received praise and appreciation for their effectiveness and positivity throughout the school’s activities, which lasted for 4 days.

The scientific events included introducing the students to the summer agenda, planned events, and group exercises. They also included introductory tours of Bradford City, discussing infrastructure development plans, opportunities, and facing challenges for the sustainability and enhancement of the circular economy. The students expressed their enjoyment of this experience, thanking the college and the department of International Relations and Student Exchange at the Ahlia University for what was provided to them in this field.

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