Dr. Dalia Mohamed Kamel, Acting Dean of College of Graduate Studies & Research

Dean’s Welcome

Dear All

Welcome to The College of Graduate Studies and Research.

Research is the one of the three pillars that Ahlia University aspires and appreciates. The College of Graduate Studies and Research is concerned and support both the graduate studies in different programs as well as scholarly research which is conducted by our faculty, staff and graduate students. These two themes of the college will enrich the knowledge and be in line with Bahrain economic vision 2030.

Research is required for building knowledge and efficient learning. The College of Graduate Studies and Research aspires collaboration with industry as there are mutual benefits for both academic and business sides. So, Ahlia University is seeking investment and development in research as this helps secure advantage point over competitors.

Now the world is changing constantly and is becoming more and more connected. Ahlia University aims to support its graduates and enhance their qualifications and employability. To this extent, Ahlia University has developed partnerships with well-known universities in different parts of the world to establish collaborative research and high standard graduate studies (Masters and PhD degrees).

The College of Graduate Studies and Research plan is in line with guidelines of the Higher Education Council Research plan. In order to achieve this, focus research groups have been formed to encourage research in the Niche areas and initiate the interdisciplinary collaborative research work.

The College of Graduate Studies and Research, as part of Ahlia Family, would like to extend an invitation to all researchers and scholars to join Ahlia Family in this quest in order to explore and disseminate knowledge among local and international communities.


Best Wishes,

Dr. Dalia Mohamed Kamel



Core Competence

College Vision

To be among the top five academic institutions in the Arab world that promotes a research environment to conduct innovative research work, with integrity and commitment to high ethical standards.

College Mission 

  • Our mission is to create the necessary elements to disseminate knowledge and to prepare the environment that emphasizes the importance of research. We introduce programs that help students to be equipped with the fundamentals, educational resources, and direction to pursue a lifelong commitment to ethically responsible research.
  • We recognize that Ahlia University has to be internationally competitive by promoting research in various disciplines.
  • In addition to Ahlia’s strong academic research team, the College of Graduate Studies creates entrepreneurial programs that initiate alliances with other Universities and thus giving its graduates the opportunity to have leadership positions in the society. Furthermore, we believe that establishing challenging research programs based on an authentic interest, enhanced ethical awareness, and sound professional integrity, will certainly create the necessary environment to become internationally competitive.


If you would like to know more about the College we would love to hear from you. Dr. Dalia Mohamed Kamel on 17298999 (ext. 8553) or email on dshewitta@ahlia.edu.bh or call Zainab Darwish on 17298999 (ext. 8962) or email on zdarwish@ahlia.edu.bh or pop in and visit us.


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