Work Ethics: Content and Application

Ahlia University

Under the patronage of Prof. Abdullah Bin Yusuf Al-Hawaj, the Founding President of Ahlia University, Abdul-Rahman Kanoo Cultural Center, in Bahrain, hosted the launch ceremony of the book «Work Ethics: Content and Application» by the Professor Mansoor Ahmed Alaali, President of Ahlia University, and Ms. Samya Yusuf, Assistant Director of the Communications and Information Technology Center at the University.

The authors of the book, Professor Mansoor Alaali and Ms. Samya Yusuf, confirmed that their idea was rooted in their ambition develop a memorandum of ethics for computer programmers and computer systems analysts, which was subsequently developed and expanded to become a book on work ethics in general, combining the values and principles of Islamic Sharia and the latest modern human civilization developments in this field.

Professor Mansoor Alaali stated the book aims to identify work, professionalism and work ethics and to explain these ethics, their reasons, and their impact on the individual and society. Ms. Samya Yusuf added that the medium-sized 150 /-page book is divided into seven parts. The first chapter includes an introduction and identification of the objective of the book. The second chapter deals with the definition of work as well as a review of the views of philosophers throughout history and Islamic scholars of the concept of work, while the third addresses the concept of profession and professionalism as having an intellectual scientific method acquired through special education, and the possibility of its application in the various fields of life.


Book Details:


ISBN-13: 978-99901-13-42-6

Book language: Arabic

By (author) : Mansoor Alaali & Samya Yusuf

Number of pages: 150

Published on: 01-09-2015

Category: Ethics, IT