Why Study Abroad?

Ahlia University
Interacting with people from different cultures is a great way for a student to develop essential interpersonal skills and greater intercultural sensitivity.
The experience of and exposure to a different learning environment and different part of the world will help improve your academic skills and allow you to overcome new challenges.
Immersing yourself in a new culture is a great way to pick up and practice a new language, as you have teachers all around you—the native speakers of your host community! Learning a new language will also enhance your CV and improve your prospects as a prospective job-applicant.
Most organisations nowadays are looking for graduates with at least some experience studying abroad, as it suggests independence, responsibility, resilience, and a higher degree of intercultural sensitivity.
Nothing teaches you more about the joys and challenges of life than living away from home for a brief period. Living independently in a foreign country is an enriching personal experience that will allow you to mature personally and intellectually.
An overwhelming majority of students who have spent some time abroad say it was the best time of their university life, as the experience offered them the opportunity to taste new foods, visit new places, and meet people from all around the world!