Ahlia University prides itself on its global connections. Our global network of partners is growing, as we work to offer our students greater choice in study abroad and exchange options around the world. We encourage all eligible students to think about study abroad and exchange as they work to begin their global futures. Spending time abroad is an incredibly enriching experience that equips students with valuable skills and leaves a lasting mark on their personal, academic, and professional life.

London, UK
Brunel University London

A prestigious university founded in 1966 in Uxbridge, London, and a proud partner of Ahlia for several years. Brunel welcomes Ahlia students to the UK, offering them several courses from its reputable portfolio of business courses.
Paris, France

 ISG International Business School

A business school founded in 1967 and located in Paris, France. ISG offers Ahlia students the opportunity to undertake several business courses and learn through a unique educational model emphasizing creativity and personal development.
EPITECH The Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation

An acclaimed institute of IT, and an established partner of Ahlia University for several years, EPITECH gives students all over the world the opportunity to learn IT through a unique pedagogical method focused on project work and hands-on IT experience.