Ahlia University

There are a few things to consider when packing for your trip to Bahrain:


  • Passport
  • Student Visa or Immigration Certificate (provided by the university)
  • Ahlia University Letter of Offer


Keep in mind that you will have to purchase food and book a hotel to stay in before opening a bank account and finding a permanent place to stay. Almost every shop in Bahrain accepts credit cards. Ensure that your bank is aware of your travels, to avoid any issues that may arise while using it abroad.

Note: most Bahraini banks limit daily cash withdrawals to 500 BD.


Make sure that you bring appropriate clothing for the climate. Bahrain is quite warm for most of the year, so heavy winter coats will not be needed. Sun screen is highly advised if you plan on spending time at Bahrain’s beaches during the summer months.

Meet and Greet

The university welcomes students to Bahrain with a ‘meet and greet’ service at the airport. The team will be available, regardless of your time of arrival, to help ease the immigration process. When all immigration procedures are successfully completed, the meet and greet team will then provide transportation to your accommodation.

If you have not already found accommodation in Bahrain, the team will recommend a temporary hotel to stay in while you look for a permanent place in Bahrain.

Keep in mind that finding accommodation is the student’s responsibility, however the International Relations team will support and assist the student, as well as provide some contacts to start their search.