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Prof. Abdulla Alhawaj

Prof. Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj

Professor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Founding President, Ahlia University

Founded on an aspiration to provide world-class higher private higher education, Ahlia University, with links to and accorded recognition by a nexus of prominent universities world-wide, is well on course positioning itself as a preeminent institution of higher learning in the Gulf region and beyond with continuous improvement in its curricular offering to empower our graduates to assume responsible positions of leadership in the future.

In little less than 15 years, starting from humble beginnings with an initial cohort of about 50 students, Ahlia University has grown in size 40-fold and has attained international standing of repute earning, most recently, the accolade of its being awarded First among New Universities on the rise in the Arab World by QS MAPLE with a wide variety of its academic programmes being accorded full confidence by the National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training (NAQQAET) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Notably, the Master’s Degree in Engineering Management, awarded by the George Washington University but taught on the AU campus, most recently gained full confidence from the NAQQAET.  Overall, in the MENA region, Ahlia University ranks 35th out of nearly 1000 universities rated by QS Asia.

As stewards of these future cadres of leaders in their respective specializations and professions, both in the Gulf and beyond, the academic faculty and administrative staff of Ahlia University remain ever committed to offering a university experience of high caliber based on the quality of its programme offerings and the utmost dedication of all its faculty and staff to meet the needs of students in an intellectually open atmosphere conducive to each student’s reaching his/her potential.  Ahlia University puts emphasis on interactive student-centered learning in the classroom with the opportunity for students to avail of vocational training as a means to provide each graduate with a bridge from the “ivory tower” to the work-place.

By maintaining a steadfast commitment to its core values based on academic excellence, to which its rich multiplicity of research activities strongly contribute, Ahlia University, as a thriving and dynamic institution of higher education, provides a gateway for students to attain their career goals with a skill-set specifically designed to meet the increasingly technical market needs of the emergent knowledge economy in the Arabian Gulf in general and the Kingdom of Bahrain in particular.

If you have not already done so, I urge you to join us and avail of this gateway to your chosen profession.

Best Wishes
Prof. Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj

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