The 11th Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Institutions

Success Stories Have Been Achieved Through Cooperation with Civil Society Institutions

The Deanship of Students Affairs organised the 11th consultative meeting, conducted at Awal Ballroom at Gulf Hotel, and attended by several representatives and the leaderships, academic faculties and members of Ahlia University, as well as chairpersons of civil, charity, professional, social societies.

Prof. Abdulla Al-Hawaj, the Founding President of Ahlia University, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, stressed on the strategic importance of providing education for everyone, in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals and Bahrain vision 2030, noting the role of civil society institutions in supporting the universities and educational institutions to achieve their goals.

The meeting included honoring the civil society institutions due to its role in community service and its positive cooperation with Ahlia University. Prof. Al-Hawaj said that the civil society institutions are the key partners in success, stressing that Ahlia University provided support to these institutions, especially in education and research fields.

Many Chairpersons of civil societies called for more partnerships and collaborations with Ahlia University in order to enhance the educational and training opportunities for community members especially the youths.

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