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Supporting Students’ Wellbeing: The Department of Counseling Hosts a Lecture on Managing Exam Stress

The Department of Counseling at Ahlia University recently hosted a compelling lecture titled “Proper Dealing with Psychological Stress During the Examination Period.” The lecture, presented by renowned clinical psychologist Ms. Khadija Al-Awainati, aimed to guide students and address strategies to effectively manage stress and overcome psychological challenges during the exams period.

Recognizing the importance of supporting the mental and psychological well-being of its students, the Counseling Department organised this lecture as part of its commitment to ensuring students’ academic success and fostering a supportive academic environment for all.

Ms. Rasha Al-Najdi, Director of Counseling Department, emphasised the University’s dedication to promoting students’ well-being, providing them with the necessary assistance, and offering solutions to their challenges.

During the lecture, Ms. Khadija Al-Awainati explained deeply the psychological factors that profoundly impact students due to their exposure to stress during the exam period. Ms. Al-Awainati highlighted the importance of adopting stress management strategies, seeking advice, and the University’s advisors to address their concerns and alleviate anxiety. These measures are crucial for maintaining focus, psychological equilibrium, and enhancing mental health during exams.

Dr. Faisal Al-Showaikh, the Dean of Student Affairs, commented: “We fully acknowledged the substantial impact of stress on students during exams, and we are committed to assisting them at any time. By educating students and cultivating a comprehensive understanding of psychological factors and coping mechanisms, we aim to foster a successful and healthier academic environment.”

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