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Studying abroad can be a personally challenging experience, but also one of great growth and professional value. The experience often places you in situations that allow you to mature personally and intellectually through independent living, exposure to a new culture, and a new language. The experience gained is a valuable commodity that is highly sought after by employers the world over.

Students will normally study abroad during their 3rd year of study, up to one full academic year. They can apply and have their learning agreement approved for courses taken at the study abroad destination. They will receive exemption (a grade of E) for any course in which they achieve a C grade or above.

Best of all, there are no extra costs! Eligible Ahlia University students will pay standard tuition fees directly to Ahlia University.

The study abroad requirements will vary depending on the host institution. You need to begin the process approximately 6-9 months prior to the start of the semester in which you intend to join for study abroad. You can visit the International section on the website, or simply pay a visit to the Directorate of International Relations to plan your application process and approve your learning agreement.

Study Abroad Options

Exchange Programme

Ahlia University offers students the opportunity to study abroad at one of our many partner institutions across the world. As an undergraduate student, you may be eligible to participate in our exchange programme for up to one full academic year. No (additional) tuition fees are applicable, and you would pay your normal tuition fees to Ahlia University alone. Credits earned whilst studying abroad may be transferred back towards your degree at Ahlia University. For more information, please refer to the Study Abroad Policy & Procedure, or contact us directly at the Directorate of International Relations.

Study Abroad

Ahlia University students may choose to study abroad for a semester or two at any international university in the World. Students applying to study abroad at non-partner institutions should ensure that their host university is recognised by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.

To begin this process, you are highly encouraged to consult with the team at the Directorate of International Relations, as you will have to fill out the Study Abroad and Exchange Application Packet. AU students studying at non-partner institutions will normally be considered as visiting students at the host institution and will be required to pay their fees directly to the host institution. Credits earned whilst studying abroad may be transferred back and validated, if you have obtained prior approval from your academic department as part of the Study Abroad and Exchange Application Packet approvals process. Any credits transferred will be recorded as an ‘E’ letter grade on your transcript, indicating exemption. For more information, please refer to the Study Abroad Policy & Procedure, or contact us directly at the Directorate of International Relations.

Am I Eligible?

The first step before you apply is to determine your eligibility and options for your study abroad experience. Interested students are highly encouraged to book an appointment with the International Relations team one full semester prior to the semester they would like to spend abroad.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Completion of 45 credits at the time of application
  • Completion of 1 full semester at Ahlia University
  • Good academic standing (students will normally be expected to have a CGPA of 3.0 or above)
  • Proficiency in English

Book an appointment with the International Relations team for a consultation to discover your options.

Where Can I Go?

Brunel University London

London, UK

A prestigious university founded in 1966 in Uxbridge, London, and a strategic partner of Ahlia since more than 15 years. Brunel welcomes Ahlia students to the UK, offering them several courses from its reputable portfolio of business courses.

EPITECH The Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation

Paris, France

An acclaimed institute of IT and an established partner of Ahlia University for several years, EPITECH gives students all over the world the opportunity to learn IT through a unique pedagogical method focused on project work and hands-on IT experience.

IÉSEG School of Management

Paris, France​

IÉSEG School of Management, or Institut d’Économie Scientifique et de Gestion, is a French Grande École and member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles. The school is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country and hosts 4800 students on both campuses, with over 2000 international students including over 900 exchange students from partner universities who come to study at IESEG every year.


Paris, France​

A private acclaimed engineering school that was founded in 1984. EPITA uses a unique pedagogical approach whereby students train to become outstanding engineers through rigorous courses of scientific knowledge and the most advanced skills in the digital sector. EPITA also welcomes a wide range of foreign students thanks to its numerous international programmes: bachelor, master of engineering, summer schools and French language courses.

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