Student Council

Ahlia University

One of Ahlia University priorities is to create the right means of communication between students and the management and give the students the right to express their opinions and to discuss their problems in a democratic manner.

In order to achieve this noble objective, the university established the Student Council, which consists of members elected by their fellow students from different colleges. Student Council membership normally lasts for one year. The winners in the election elect the Student Council President and the heads of different Student Council committees.

  • The Student Council aims to achieve the following:
  1. Develop students’ personalities from the academic, social, cultural, and national aspects.
  2. Develop students’ leadership skills and allow them to freely express their views and opinions.
  3. Develop students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities within the university rules and regulations.
  4. Support students activities in the fields of science, culture, social and sports, and therefore improve the students overall educational attainment.
  5. Encourage the spirit of collaboration and team work between the students and create a strong bond between the students and the University faculty and staff.
  6. Students’ contribution towards the development of better student services.
  • All full-time students have the right to be nominated for the membership of the Student Council provided that they meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be a full-time student within the college he\she will represent.
  2. Must be of good behavior and conduct.
  3. Have successfully completed at least 30 credit-hours.
  4. Must have a minimum CGPA of 2:00.
  5. The elected Student Council members must register for at least 12 credit-hours for every academic semester, apart from the summer session and he graduating semester.
  6. Students can run for membership in the Student Council twice, throughout their study duration.