Strategic Plan (2021 – 2025)

Ahlia University aspires to be an outstanding regional and international academic institution, and a driver for economic and social transformation, by promoting the highest level of integrity in the achievement of excellence in education and research

  • To foster knowledge discovery and dissemination, for the benefit of the community, through constructive partnership and meaningful engagement in the intellectual, scientific, and cultural spheres of life in Bahrain, the region, and beyond.
  • To offer high-quality education, and global learning opportunities that empower our learners to achieve their full potential.
  • To develop a vibrant and proud community of learners who are distinguished by their professional competence, uncompromising ethics, and responsible global citizenship.
The following core values are essential to the achievement of its vision and mission
  • ExcellenceWe value excellence in all its forms, including academic excellence, research excellence, service and operational excellence.
  • InclusivenessWe champion inclusivity, diversity, and equity both within and outside the institution. We strive to mainstream the principle of equal opportunity in all our operations, and in relation to all stakeholders.
  • IntegrityWe look towards integrity as being a multifaceted value that encompasses ethics, morals, respect, honesty, truthfulness, and transparency. We aspire to embody and personify these attributes in all our endeavors
  • CollegialityWe uphold collegiality as an important core value that epitomises the aspirational organisational culture; manifest in collaboration, cooperation, trust, and partnership.
  • AmbitionWe cherish ambition, as inspired by our founders and their pioneering spirit. We strive to create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment for both our learners and staff to fulfill their ambitions.
  • EngagementWe believe in family, community, and society, and the bonds and ties that hold us together. We strive to engage, serve, and build constructive partnerships that create a positive societal impact.
  • Goal 1: Effectiveness, Governance and Sustainability
    • Strategic Objective 1:
      • Attract, develop and retain a talented diverse student body
    • Strategic Objective 2:
      • Maintain a people- focused culture to attract, develop and retain staff dedicated to the university’s mission
    • Strategic Objective 3:
      • Maintain and develop campus infrastructure as appropriate for a 21st century modern university
    • Strategic Objective 4:
      • Sustain and institutionalise quality management, accreditation & ranking standards across all operations
  • Goal 2: Education Excellence and Learner Experience
    • Strategic Objective 5:
      • Provide superior learning opportunities and an outstanding learner experience
    • Strategic Objective 6:
      • Promote life-long learning skills for personal and professional development
  • Goal 3: Research Impact and Intellectual Contribution
    • Strategic Objective 7:
      • Promote Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in Research
    • Strategic Objective 8:
      • Sustain intellectual contribution and production of high quality research
  • Goal 4: Social Responsibility and Community Engagement
    • Strategic Objective 9:
      • Expand & nurture relationships with the local and regional community
    • Strategic Objective 10:
      • Promote citizenship & social responsibility towards positive societal impact