Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is an essential part of professional life no matter what field you are in. Students with effective communication skills will be able to contribute more to class discussions, will ultimately achieve more from their experience in class, will be more productive members in group projects and more prepared for their future job interview and their career. Be part of this program and take advantage of this opportunity to improve your communication skills!

Hurry up, seats are limited!

The Focus of the Programme

Programme Sessions

1. Verbal ( Oral ) communication

2. Non-verbal ( Gestural ) communication

3. Written communication

4. Active listening

5. Debate

6. Professional emails

7. Successful presentation

8. Etiquette

Who is Eligible?

Upon the completion of the program, registered students will be given

Apply Now!

Should you need any help or extra clarification, kindly send an email to

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