Security & Safety

Security & Safety section undertakes routine and proactive or emergency reactive security and safety measures related to university campus.


  • Routine Risk assessment report
  • Testing and inspection of all fire alarms, fire Sprinklers, suppression systems, and emergency generator in cooperation with complex management
  • Accidents/incident reporting
  • Provision of advice on all current and proposed health and safety legislation and how this will impact on the campus activities
  • Preparing and implementing and maintaining the university health and safety policy & procedures and supporting safety orders, ensuring that these are adopted
  • Arranging training related to safety issues such as first aids, fire fighter’s usage and fire exit or evacuation plan.
  • Enhancing safety culture at all levels in university campus
  • Train emergency team
  • Ensuring all university campus facilities are maintained to safety requirements demanded by civil defense in the kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Civil defense certificate renewal
  • Violation/incident reporting
  • Training and maintaining good level of security guards’ capabilities
  • Parking
  • Manage cleaning services
  • Laisse with first aiders team in case of any emergency case
  • Maintaining high level of security alert environment to any threats

Security and safety section liaise with all other administrative directorates, centers and colleges to ensure a high standard of effectiveness and efficiency operations achieved.