Renowned Dr. Ali Farhan Participates in Arabic Language Day Celebration in Dammam

Dr. Ali Farhan, a distinguished Associate Professor of Arabic language at Ahlia University, recently took part in the vibrant festivities of the Arabic Language Day celebration held in Dammam. The event, organized by the esteemed Ibn Al-Muqarrab Society for Literary and Cultural Development, commemorated the international day dedicated to promoting the Arabic language and its rich literary and artistic heritage.

Dr. Ali Farhan commended the significant role played by the Ibn Al-Muqarrab Society in advancing literary and cultural development within Dammam. He extended his heartfelt congratulations to the society on the inauguration of its new headquarters, emphasizing his admiration for their commitment to fostering literature and culture by hosting esteemed writers, poets, and critics from both the Arabian Gulf and the broader Arab world.

The occasion marked the inaugural event at the newly established premises of the Ibn Al-Muqarrab Society, aptly named “Dhad.” Ahmed Al-Luaym, the CEO of the society, warmly welcomed a distinguished gathering of scholars, researchers, and experts in the Arabic language, literature, and arts.

During the event, Al-Luaym expertly moderated a linguistic seminar centered on this year’s theme for the International Day of the Arabic Language: “Arabic Language: Language of Poetry and Arts.” Esteemed speakers included Dr. Ali Farhan from Ahlia University and Jasim Al-Mashrafi, both esteemed members of the society. Their insightful contributions shed light on the pivotal role of the Arabic language in poetry and the arts. The seminar was followed by a captivating poetry evening, wherein the renowned poets Dr. Abdullah Al-Khudair and Hussain Al-Ammar enthralled the audience with their profound and beautiful verses.

In addition to society members, the event attracted a distinguished audience of Arabic language enthusiasts who expressed their deep appreciation and admiration for the Ibn Al-Muqarrab Society’s exceptional efforts in serving the language and literature.

The Ibn Al-Muqarrab Society for Literary and Cultural Development stands as the official extension of the Ibn Al-Muqarrab Literary Forum in Dammam, representing the first society dedicated to literary and cultural development in the Eastern Province and the second society of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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