Brunel University London, PhD Without Residence

Ahlia University

Brunel University London strategically partnered with Ahlia University in 2005 to offer the PhD without Residence Programme in Information Systems, Computing, Mathematics, and Business and Management studies. The programme was envisioned to attract students from the GCC region (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Qatar), where a significant number of people strive to gain British standard degrees but are unable to travel to the UK to study on full-time basis and/or are unable to bear the high cost of living in the UK. The programme does not require students to go to the Brunel University London to study, however, attendance at Brunel is required for the Viva Voce defence at the end of the final year. Students are, however, welcome to visit Brunel whenever they wish throughout the course of their PhD.

The aim of the PhD (WR) is translated to Intended Outcomes that are mapped and successfully aligned to Bahrain NQF level 10:   


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