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Not really, although learning a few Arabic words would be helpful. English is our main business language and it is commonly spoken in most retail stores and services.

Bahrain is very safe. The crime rate is extremely low and violent crime is rare.

No. Women can dress as they wish, although it is recommended to dress modestly in public.

Bahrain is known in the Gulf for being open and tolerant. Bahraini men and women socialise at local cafes, and expatriates mix with Bahraini nationals across all social settings. People from all over the Gulf come here to relax.

Although Muslim Bahrainis generally do not eat pork or drink alcohol, supermarkets sell pork in special sections, and alcohol can be purchased from licensed stores, hotels, and restaurants.

The average temperature during the summer is 37- 40°C. However, most outdoor locations have shade and buildings are climate controlled. Temperatures are milder between October and May, averaging 21–27C

Sport is a major cultural pastime in Bahrain, with driving, golf, horse-riding, rugby, tennis, sailing, soccer, cricket, and basketball facilities located throughout the island. Private resorts and clubs have beaches and pools for swimming

Ahlia offers students a wide variety of programmes, courses, and specializations. We currently offer students 18 programmes across five colleges, at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Please refer to the following pages for detailed information:

Ahlia University’s diverse portfolio of programmes span five colleges:

  1. The College of Arts & Science
  2. The College of Business & Finance
  3. The College of Engineering
  4. The College of Information Technology
  5. The College of Medical & Health Sciences

Tuition for all undergraduate degree programmes varies between 100 – 140 BD per credit hour. Tuition for postgraduate programmes will vary. For more information regarding tuition fees please refer to the following link:

How you apply for a Visa will depend on your nationality and the type of acceptance you receive. If you are an exchange student however, the Ahlia International Relations team will assist you throughout the entire application process. Please refer to the Bahraini government’s immigration website for more information:

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