In Cooperation with Silwan Psychiatric Hospital Ahlia Provides Psychological Support for Students with Special Needs

In a collaborative effort between Ahlia University and Silwan Psychiatric Hospital, the University hosted a lecture by psychiatry consultant Dr. Amani Al-Sabbagh, aimed at improving support for students with special needs.

The lecture, organised by Student Counselling Directorate, covered a range of topics related to special needs, including fear, forgetfulness, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and physical disabilities. Dr. Al-Sabbagh emphasised the importance of fostering positive psychological attitudes, facilitating social interaction, and encouraging community participation for these students. “It’s crucial that we create an environment that is understanding and empathetic towards the needs of students with special needs,” said Dr. Al-Sabbagh. “By identifying and addressing their mental health challenges, we can better support them in reaching their full potential.”

The University’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its various support initiatives. Students with special needs, as well as orphans, outstanding students, and creative students, are offered partial scholarships covering 50% of their tuition fees. “Our goal is to ensure that all students, regardless of their unique circumstances, have the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits,” said Ms. Rasha Al-Najdi, Director of Counselling at Ahlia University. “We work closely with these students to help them unlock their talents and succeed throughout their studies.”

The lecture was well-received by the academic and administrative staff in attendance, who expressed a renewed understanding of the importance of providing comprehensive support for students with special needs.

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