In a new achievement for Ahlia University Saratawi is selected as editor-in-chief for a global scientific journal

05th May 2018

In a new achievement for the university in the field of scientific and research, and a step to be counted, the global publishing house, “INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS”, selected Dr. Abdulmuttaleb Musleh, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Economics, as editor-in-chief for the International Journal of Electronic Banking. The selection was from among a number of academics nominated from different universities of the world. The International Journal of Electronic Banking is one of the scientific journals classified in the various scientific organizations and councils in the United States of America, Europe and Australia, where the journal is specialized in the field of economic sciences of various kinds and information technology.

The university president Prof. Mansoor Alaali praised this achievement, noting that the scientific and research efforts that was fulfilled by Dr. Abdulmuttaleb Musleh and his colleagues from the accounting department, Financial Sciences and other professors at the university.

Professor Alaali ensured that the professors of the university have adopted arbitration and supervisory positions in the international scientific journals fields, which enhances the opportunities made for the professors in scientific publishing. Also it develops the educational environment to be more skillful at carrying out scientific research, confirming that the university encourages world-class scientific research.

Dr. Abdulmuttaleb Musleh has many scientific and research activities in the areas of governance, accounting, financial disclosure, intellectual capital, Islamic accounting and sustainable education. His record includes more than twenty scientific research publications, the most prominent of which is the relationship between institutional governance and intellectual capital in the GCC countries, and the factors affecting the unification of higher education in the Gulf from the university’s workers point of view. In addition, Dr. Abdulmuttaleb Musleh is a scientific resident, a member of several advisory bodies of the international scientific journals court, has much participation in international conferences and locally as a scientific referee, and as chairman of scientific sessions. He is also a member of a number of international and local scientific and professional societies.