Humanities International Complete


This database provides full-text journals, books, and other published humanities sources from around the world. It includes all data from Humanities International Index plus unique full-text content, much of which is not available in other databases.


At a Glance



Full Text: YES


Subject Area:  Humanities

Ideal For: Academic Libraries,  Government






Content Includes


  • 730 active, full-text, non-open access journals and magazines
  • 615 active, full-text, peer-reviewed, non-open access journals
  • 331 active, full-text, peer-reviewed, non-open access journals with no embargo
  • 435 active, full-text, non-open access journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus


Humanities Source Versions Compared


Active  Full-Text  Non-   Active  Full-Text  Peer- Open-Access                  Reviewed Non-Open-

Journals & Magazines    Access Journals

Humanities Source Ultimate 1,343 1,057
Humanities Source 879 716
Humanities International Complete 730 615
Humanities Full Text 175 137


Full-Text Humanities Resources


Humanities International Complete is an essential resource for students, researchers and educators interested in all aspects of the humanities, with worldwide content pertaining to literary, scholarly, and creative thought. Humanities International Complete is a valuable collection for libraries looking to provide comprehensive coverage of the humanities with full-text content.

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