Goals and Objectives

  1. Ease the process of student admission and registration using an efficient and user-friendly computerized system.
  2. Ensure academic integrity and confidentiality of students and graduates’ records in a secure high-quality database system.
  3. To provide quality, timely guidance and support service to students in the processing and awarding of degrees.
  4. Ensure consistent interpretation and compliance of academic policies and procedures in accordance with academic norms and HEC guidelines.
  5. Engage students in extracurricular activities to develop a range of skills and attributes that will positively impact students’ social, intellectual and inter-personal skills.
  6. Establish collaborations and partnerships with governmental and private institutions to enhance our internship placement opportunities.
  7. Support the role of the faculty advisors by providing effective tracking process to students’ progress toward graduation.
  8. Provide counselling support for students to enhance the overall well-being of students.
  9. To enrich the alumni experience, foster beneficial relationships and promote positive lifelong relationships between Ahlia and its alumni.
  10. Help students explore, select and pursue meaningful careers by promoting personal development and empowerment.