Final Examination Rules & Regulations 2018/2019

  1. Students must be present at the examination hall 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
  2. Students will not be permitted to enter the examination hall after half the time of the exam has elapsed.
  3. Students must carry, and be ready to present, their University ID Card and Exam Card.
  4. The Exam Card may be printed by the student through the ADREG Online Student Information System, or by making a request to the Directorate of Financial Affairs.
  5. Students must leave all textbooks, learning resources, PDAs and web-access devices outside the examination hall. Only approved calculators are allowed.
  6. Students must leave their mobile phone devices outside the examination hall. Students carrying their mobile phone devices must ensure that the device is switched off at all times while inside the examination hall, or else they risk being in violation of the final examination rules & regulations.
  7. Students may not leave the examination hall before half of the exam time has elapsed.
  8. Where a student is caught cheating in an exam, regardless of the nature of cheating, this is considered as violation of the final examination rules & regulation. Students caught cheating will be reported to the Deanship of Student Affairs, which will deliberate though an Exam Disciplinary Committee. This process may result in the student receiving “F” grade and/or a written warning.
  9. All results are published on, and can be accessed through, the ADREG Online Student Information System. Students should not contact the instructor of the course to enquire about their examinations results.
  10. Invigilators are authorised to give students verbal warnings, confiscate any cheating materials, have the student moved to another examination hall, and confiscate the student’s exam paper and answer sheet and escort him/her out of the examination hall.
  11. Students are responsible for making themselves aware of all rules and regulations, including policies governing Student Behaviour and Conduct, and Academic Integrity (and Misconduct), which are published on the University website, and found in the Student Handbook.

تنبيه هام للطلبة للإمتحانات النهائية

الفصل الدراسي الأول 2018/2019

على جميع الطلبة مراعاة الأمور التالية المتعلقة بإمتحان نهاية الفصل:

  1. الحضور إلى قاعة الإمتحان قبل 10 دقائق من بداية الإمتحان.
  2. إحضار البطاقة الجامعية وبطاقة دخول الإمتحان.
  3. وضع جميع الكتب و الملازم خارج قاعة الإمتحان.
  4. عدم اصطحاب الهواتف النقالة أو إغلاقها ووضعها في الحقائب.
  5. في حالة ضبط أي طالب في حالة غش سيتم إلغاء نتيجة الإمتحان وتوجيه إنذار كتابي له.
  6. لن يسمح لأي طالب بمغادرة قاعة الإمتحان قبل إنقضاء نصف الوقت المحدد للإمتحان.
  7. جميع النتائج تكون عن طريق نظام القبول والتسجيل (ADREG)، لذا الرجاء عدم الإتصال هاتفياً بالمكتب أو بمدرس المقرر للإستفسار عن نتائج الإمتحانات.
  8. التأكد من إحضار بطاقة الإمتحان والتي يمكن للطالب طباعتها بنفسه من نظام القبول والتسجيل (ADREG) أو إستلامها من قسم الحسابات في الجامعة.

عمادة شؤون الطلبة

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