Fatima Saleh Al Dhaen received a master’s degree in information technology from Ahlia University in 2009 , topic “Computer Learning Programme To Assist Special Needs.” She has published numerous papers ,journals and participated in many conferences in and outside Bahrain as a speaker and master of ceremonies.

She’s a very keen observer of the new technological tools and gadgets and she always tries to apply her IT skills into practice.

She acquired valuable knowledge through her teaching experience and by attending several courses and workshops such as CTP (Certified Training Professional) which improved her performance and raises her competency level and skill-set in the IT field in addition to attaining short courses provided by the university learning centre ATDC which basically aims to engage every staff member to learn and participate in many educational courses, those courses improved and enhanced her skills and competency.

Teaching students with special needs gave her the strength and unlimited patience to deal with students who suffered from different physical disabilities since Ahlia University is the only university in the kingdom of Bahrain which accepts and facilitates those students.

She is involved in many committees such as the staff development committee where she believes she can consolidate her experience with other members to develop the training strategies from the scope of information technology and computer sciences.

Part of her job is to be a coordinator of multi-sections courses to coordinate the courses by assuring fairness and objectivity has taken place and applied all over the sections and being a final project supervisor to help students in their research in both the written form and practically.She also acts as an advisor to aid students academically such as registering courses or personal advising to overcome and tackle any kind of learning obstacles or adversities that student might face during their studies.

She was a speaker in several remarkable workshops and prominent conferences such as “Higher education in the 21 century” which was held under the patronage of his Majesty King Hamed bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

Besides her academic distinction, she is a national poet, writer and journalist; she likes to engage herself in community services and social integration especially for orphans, elderly people and human rights.

She is one of the main founders of “Together society for human rights” which was established in 2013 and approved by Ministry of social development and Bahrain’s Centre for Human Rights.


Topic: Robust Virtual Reality environment for improving disabilities learning Higher education in the 21 century in June 2007 under the patronage of his Majesty King Hamed bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

Topic: Academic integrity and misusing of information technology in our societies , presented by Ms. Fatima AlDhaen and Mr.Ammar Al Hawaj from college of Business.


  • Working with Smart board level 1 ,2 and 3
  • Teaching Methodologies.
  • Interactive learning using Moodle level 1 and 2
  • The leadership Code
  • Innovation Excellence
  • Working with adreg system

Research Areas

  • Web-based educational system
  • Virtual reality
  • Improving disabilities learning skills

Teaching Areas

  • Multimedia

  • Information security

  • Microsoft packages

  • Computer fundamentals

  • Machine language

  • Computer and mobile frameworks

  • Research methodology

  • Internet application