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Dr. Abdulmuttaleb M.A Musleh

Associate Professor/ Chairperson, College of Business & Finance – Accounting Finance and Banking Dept.

Contact Information

  • Received his Ph.D. in Accounting, from UBFS (University of Banking and Financial Sciences).
  • Published papers on Bahrain and GCC financial markets
  • Attended many international and regional conferences.
  • Supervised a number of students in their dissertations and projects.


Abdalmuttaleb M.A. Musleh Al-Sartawi, Ph.D. is the Chairperson of the Accounting, Finance and Banking Department, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Electronic Banking (IJEBank). He received his PhD in Accounting, from the University of Banking and Financial Science (UBFS). He has presented and published many papers in regional and international conferences and journals. In addition, Al-Sartawi is the chair and the editor of two international conferences the European, Asian, Middle Eastern, North African Conference on Management & Information Systems (EAMMIS) conferences and the International Conference on Global Economic Revolutions (ICGER). This is in addition to him served as a member of various editorial boards and technical committees in international refereed journals and conferences. In addition, he is the editor of ‘The Big Data-Driven Digital Economy: Artificial and Computational Intelligence,’ in Studies in Computational Intelligence. He is a member of several international organizations and associations such as the European Accountants Association (EAA), the Bahrain Management Society, the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA), the International Islamic Marketing Association (IIMA), the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, the Palestinian Accounting Association, and the Palestinian Farmers Association.


Master students supervision: Every year I have been supervising more than 6 Master Students from different backgrounds and covering a range of topics. Supervising BS student.


  • The impact of Corporate Governance on GCC Listed Banks Performance, 2nd Global Islamic Marketing Conference, University of United Arab Emirates, UAE, 16-18 January 2012.
  • The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the Abnormal Returns of Islamic Banks Shares: Evidence from GCC Countries, 2nd Global Islamic Marketing Conference, University of United Arab Emirates, UAE, 16-18 January 2012.
  • The effect of corporate governance on stock performance: Evidence from Bahrain, 6th Global Islamic Marketing Conference, University of Istanbul, Turkey, May 6 – 8, 2015.

Main Responsibilities

Administrative work

Teaching Areas

  • Accounting 101
  • Accounting 201.
  • Cost Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting 1
  • Intermediate Accounting 2
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Control
  • Auditing

Research Areas

  • Digital Economy;
  • Financial Technology
  • AI and Business
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Governance
  • Earning management
  • Audit Quality
  • OFD
  • Intellectual Capital

Faculty Research

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Corporate governance and the level of compliance with international accounting standards (IAS-1): Evidence from Bahrain Bourse

Abdalmuttaleb Musleh, Fatema Alrawahi, Zakeya Sanad

Social media disclosure of intellectual capital and firm value

Abdalmuttaleb, M.A., Musleh Al-Sartawi

Does it pay to be socially responsible? Empirical evidence from the GCC countries

Abdalmuttaleb, M.A., Musleh Al-Sartawi

Shariah Disclosure and the Performance of Islamic Financial Institutions

Abdalmuttaleb, M.A., Musleh Al-Sartawi

Performance of Islamic banks Do the frequency of Shariah supervisory board meetings and independence matter?

Abdalmuttaleb, M.A Musleh, Al-Sartawi

Bahraini Women’s Voices in the Boardroom: The Effect of Gender Diversity on Firm Performance

Abdalmuttaleb, M.A Musleh, Al-Sartawi, Amna Hameed Jafaar; Maryam Yousif Juma and Jafaar Mohmed Habib