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Date: 13/12/2018

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Ahlia students are cordially invited to attend French Day 2018 for a day of exciting workshops, presentations, and activities featuring all things French! This event is for all of our Bahraini students who are curious about France or plan on studying there in the future!

Students who are present for the following events from start to finish will be given a Certificate of Participation and will earn points for 1A credit (SACT)!


9:15am French Breakfast
9:45am Presentation on the history, geography and culture of France
10:05am Film Screening on French Higher Education
10:25am Presentation on the French Language
10:55am EPITECH’s presentation on the exchange programme with Ahlia University
11:35am Exchange Alumni Testimonials and Video Screenings
11:50am French Entrepreneurship in Bahrain
12:05pm French Language Workshop & Competition
1:15pm Concluding remarks
1:25pm French Buffet