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Arab Youth Amidst Social Media And Societal Challenges

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Organized & held by Ahlia University- Public Relations & Mass Communication Department

The First Scientific Conference “Arab Youth Amidst Social Media & Societal Challenges”

The First Scientific Conference on “Arab Youth Amidst Social Media And Societal Challenges” will be held on 26th and 27th April 2023, in Virtual mode via Zoom platform. The conference focuses on the recent developments and findings in an attempt to scientifically monitor all phenomena and challenges associated with social media and societal challenges created by these means of communication.

The event is meant to allow identifying the reality of these manifestations and challenges, in a way that confirms and consolidates the advanced role of scientific research in developing its societal and humanitarian goals, and showcase the latent capabilities of the postgraduate young researchers, in a way to fulfill the national goals of their countries.

The Conference Main Topics:

  • The sociocultural dynamic of social media.
  • Social media and digital PR.
  • Utilizing of radio and television in social media.
  • The importance of technology, social identity and Internet in local communities.
  • Social media and cultural and political content creation industry.
  • Youth and social media.
  • Citizen journalism and digital writing.
  • Social media and social relations.
  • Social media and public opinion formation.

How to participate

Those wishing to participate can follow the required procedures found on the Conference page.


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