Club Goals

Ahlia University

1. Organize meetings for our distinguished graduates who have been very successful professionally so that they share their success stories with their counterparts.

2. Provide a platform for information that enriches the quality of the education offered within Ahlia University to keep track with the continuing developments in the market.

3. Search for suitable training and employment opportunities through establishing a vast network with ministries, leading companies and institutions interested in recruiting highly qualified graduates.

4. To invite alumni and community institutions to advertise job opportunities for graduates.

5. Provide all graduates with the opportunities and environment to meet and network with each for sharing and exchanging experiences.

6. Organize educational, cultural, sporting and artistic activities to promote and strengthen the relation between the University and its alumni.

7. Provide practical guidance for post-graduation challenges.

8. Publish research in the subjects of interest to graduates covering various specializations.

9. Establish a network of contacts with clubs, professional associations and forums with similar interest both within and outside Bahrain.

10. Employ graduates’ experiences and potentials to improve the programmes offered by the University.

11. Hold conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures on and off-campus to prepare, train graduates and enhance their skills.