Ahlia University

The scope of the CSA is directed towards the needs of the Social Science, IT and Engineering faculty members and students at Ahlia University who find it difficult to deal with the data analysis used in their articles and research studies. Consequently, the major benefits of the CSA include the following:

  1. Facilitating collaboration across various department and colleges

At the university level, the CSA acts as a platform for collaboration across various departments and colleges.  Researchers, who need to test their models, will require help from statisticians to guide them through their statistical mission. CSA will, as a result, provide them with useful training courses in this subject area.

  1. Training for graduate students and supervisors

Another benefit of the CSA is that it would provide specialized training courses in data analysis to both students and supervisors. Moreover, graduate and postgraduate students would receive guidance in testing simple models while PhD students would be trained in the use of advanced statistics. This will enhance the reputation of Ahlia University’s research studies and research courses.

  1. Attracting and retaining creative faculty members

Many faculty members avoid writing papers and articles due to their limited knowledge of the use of statistical methods and data analysis. The CSA will develop ongoing training courses to familiarize faculty members with the statistical tools and software necessary to undertake research.

At the beginning of each academic year, new faculty members and students will be invited to attend a seminar introducing them to the members of the CSA and the resources that could help them in developing their research. The director of the CSA will offer to meet with departments to talk about the services provided by the CSA, and solicit their feedback.

  1. Enhancing intellectual life at the university

By building internal networks of researchers across a variety of disciplines as well as a database of published articles, the center will play a major role in enhancing the intellectual life at the university.