AU Concludes its Introductory Exhibition at the “City Centre”

16th July 2019

Al-Shirawi Achieved Fruitful Meetings with Academics, Labor market Employers and Community Figures. 

AU Concludes its Introductory Exhibition at the “City Centre”


Ahlia University concluded its introductory exhibition at the City Centre on Monday, July 15, 2019, after it formed a dynamic platform in which the university’s leaders, professors and students interacted with many academics, employers, elites and community figures as well as Bahraini and Gulf students and parents. Many of them impressed by the University high scientific status and its platforms of excellence and Bahraini and foreign quality.


Dr. Thaera Al-Shirawi, Assistant Director for Media, Marketing and Public Relations, explained that a great number of the university academics, employees, students and graduates and more than 1,000 people from Bahrain, the GCC countries and from various nationalities in general had attended the exhibition, which began on July  11, 2019 and extended for 5 days.


She added: “The exhibition presented a wonderful opportunity to meet with many academics, businessmen, managers and educated elites in general. The exhibition provided beautiful spaces for rich conversations on the high-quality levels of the university and its relation to the labor market. Also, its public and private sectors, its responsibilities towards the society and its adoption of many artistic, cultural and social activities. Therefore, it shows the university interest in its role and social effectiveness as one of the most important elements of enlightenment and the advancement of society.”


The Director of Admissions and Registration Faten Daif said that the exhibition achieved its objectives in introducing students and parents to the University’s programs, objectives and activities, where many Bahraini and Gulf families are busy these days, searching for appropriate study options for their graduate children.


She explained that our meetings with students and their parents also provided us with an overview of their interests regarding the disciplines they wish to enroll in. We noted that IT and engineering programs such as multimedia, computer engineering and communications are more favored by males. Whereas females are interested in technical and administrative specialties such as interior design, management and marketing. However, there are disciplines of common or similar interests such as accounting, finance, economics and finance.

She also mentioned that the post-graduate programs have attracted the attention of many visitors, especially Gulf visitors who are hoping to complete their master’s and doctorate studies, especially since the PhD programs in Management and IT are offered by the university in partnership with Brunel University, one of the oldest universities in the UK. The final certificate is awarded to graduates of these two programs from Brunel University itself.


In order to attract outstanding students who are worthy of pioneer education, the university offers partial discounts for high school students. The secondary school students of 80% will receive partial discounts of 20%, the students of 90% will receive partial discounts equal to 25%, the students of 95% will receive partial discounts equal to 50%, and those who received 97% or higher in the secondary school will have the right to apply full exemption from tuition fees. She noted that other students will have the opportunity to benefit from partial discounts if they demonstrated their distinction during their university studies.


The University’s students represent the entire mosaic of the Bahraini society in terms of its cultural and social diversity, as well as the distinction of its students in various countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab States, the French Republic and many other countries of the world. This reflects positively on the university environment, and the values of tolerance and harmony among its members and students themselves through opportunities to interact with multiple types of cultures, interests and human experiences.


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