Ahlia University’s College of Engineering Showcases Innovative Projects at Engineering Projects Exhibition

The students of Ahlia University’s College of Engineering have once again demonstrated their commitment to innovation and creativity with their outstanding projects presented at the Engineering Projects Exhibition. The event, inaugurated by Professor Mansour Alaali, the President of Ahlia University, highlighted the students’ diverse range of projects and their dedication to addressing real-world problems in the industrial and communication sectors.

The exhibition served as a platform for expected graduating students from various engineering programs, including Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Mobile Phone Engineering, to showcase their remarkable projects. These projects, implemented over a semester as part of the curriculum, aimed to tackle specific challenges faced by industries or introduce novel innovations.

Among the standout projects, Qasim Jawad and Abdullah Abduljalil secured first place with their groundbreaking project, which involved designing a PowerPoint controller using hand gestures. The innovative interface for PowerPoint presentations allowed users to navigate slides, add comments, and control a virtual pointer using hand movements. By utilizing computer vision technology and hand tracking modules, the project aimed to enhance presenter control and audience engagement.

Firas Al-Hamrani claimed second place with an impressive intelligent road panel traffic sign. Leveraging Arduino technology and sensors for rain and dust, the system dynamically adjusted vehicle speed based on weather conditions, reducing accidents and promoting safe road environments. An LCD screen provided real-time information about road conditions and speed changes, ensuring drivers were well-informed.

The third-place prize were Rawan Al-Aradi and Malak Al-Derazi for their intelligent system for plant disease detection. By employing machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the project developed a system capable of accurately identifying healthy and diseased plants. This breakthrough has significant implications for farmers, enabling early disease detection and prompt preventive measures, ultimately contributing to food security.

The Engineering Projects Exhibition was attended by a diverse audience, including students, faculty members, and industry representatives, who were all impressed by the students’ ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

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