About Ahlia University Sustainability

Ahlia University

Ahlia University recognizes its responsibility to support the society in their transition toward sustainability. To create a more sustainable future, AU generates the needed knowledge and cultivate citizens and leaders who have the skills and commitment to put that knowledge into practice. The decisions and actions taken by AU reflects its role and duty to the current and future generations. The University provides the strategic guidance, support, and resources to be an institutional model of sustainability for society. In partnership with students, staff, and faculty, we advance the vision for sustainable research, education, connectivity, operations, and governance.
As a leading institution for higher education, Ahlia University’s Mission is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and elevate the social and living standards of the society.
In support of this mission, the University is committed to:

  • Producing graduates who are distinguished by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and uncompromising ethics.
  • Providing the facilities and support for its staff to pursue innovative research.
  • Establishing Ahlia University as an acknowledged center of excellence in certain fields of knowledge.
  • Working in partnership with local and regional communities to support societal and economic needs.

Thus, Ahlia University believes in the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental which are embedded in its adopted approach. Sustainability in Ahlia University is framed around research, education, connectivity, operations and governance & administration through which the University can make a difference to society and move toward a sustainable future.