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Yasmina Zaki Tops Researchers with Her Unappalled Paper

Ahlia University Recognises Excellence of Postgraduate Students at Ph.D. Symposium

Yasmina Zaki Tops Researchers with Her Unappalled Paper

Ahlia University celebrated the academic achievements of its postgraduate students during a prestigious Ph.D. symposium. The event, held annually, showcased the exceptional research conducted by students enrolled in the Ph.D. programme offered by Ahlia University in collaboration with Brunel University. Esteemed guests, including Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawaj, the Founding President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Private University, Professor Mansoor Alaali, the President of Ahlia University, and representatives from both Universities, gathered to honour the remarkable contributions of these researchers.

The conference is a testament to Ahlia University’s commitment to fostering a culture of research and innovation, provided a platform for postgraduate students to present their cutting-edge research findings. Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawaj praised the students for their outstanding work, highlighting the overall excellence demonstrated by postgraduate students at Ahlia University, whether pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. He expressed his pride in the dedicated efforts of the University’s faculty members and the collaborative partnership with Brunel University, which contributed to the students’ success.

The event celebrated the exemplary achievements of several researchers. Yasmina Zaki captured the first-place for both the best scientific paper and the best presentation with her research on “Fashion Brands in the Metaverse: Redefining Digital Marketing and Branding Landscapes”.” Hameed Al-Mubarak secured the second-place for his paper on “Edge Computing Security: Overview and Challenges”, while Zainab Jaber earned the second-place for the best presentation with her work on “The Effects of of Transformational Leadership on Employee Job Satisfaction in Education Sector.”

Prof. Mansoor Alaali confirmed Ahlia University’s dedication to promoting scientific research in the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond. He emphasised the importance of such conferences that provides a platform for researchers to exchange ideas, enhance their scientific skills, and address significant social, economic, health, and technological challenges faced by communities.

The Ph.D. Symposium featured engaging discussions that impressed the supervisors from both Ahlia University and Brunel University, as well as the attending researchers themselves. It served as a catalyst for professional dialogue and idea generation, boosting further advancements in various fields of study.

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