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Ahlia University Empowers Students to Employ Technology in Entrepreneurship

The College of Business and Finance at Ahlia University organised a special event focused on the importance of leveraging technology in business ventures, aligned with the University’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talents and promoting a culture of innovation and creativity among its students.

Ms. Walaa Isa, a programme analyst from “Riyada” Business Acceleration programme in Tamkeen, was hosted to the event, in the presence of Dr. Amina Al-Hawaj, Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Finance.

The aim of the event was to familiarise students with the offerings of the “Riyada” programme, in collaboration with Hambro Perks (HP), which facilitates and expedites the process of transforming ideas into applicable businesses. The programme endeavours to equip students with knowledge, enhance their start-up development skills, and provide comprehensive support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

During the event, Dr. Amina Al-Hawaj encouraged students to seize the opportunities available through various programmes and initiatives, including the “Riyada” programme. These resources encompass comprehensive support, valuable guidance, and counselling services, enabling students to realise their ambitions and build a prosperous future.

Ms. Walaa Isa provided an in-depth overview of the services encompassed within the “Riyada” programme. These services include access to experienced mentors, potential funding opportunities, development of commercialisation strategies, building a competitive product, assistance in optimising business financials and projections, understanding product-market fit and offerings, and building a strong team.

The event also facilitated interactive discussions, enabling students to ask questions and gain invaluable insights into the realm of technology entrepreneurship.

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