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Ahlia Students Showcase Extraordinary Digital Wallets in Intense Competition

Through a remarkable display of creativity, Ahlia IT and Engineering students won the challenging competition during a workshop organised by the College of Information Technology at Ahlia University in conjunction with IEEE Bahrain Computer Society Chapter. Students were asked to reimagine the “Wallet” with new creative concepts. The first-place was secured for the team comprised of Mohammed Al-Qaq, Salman Bader, Hussein Ali, and Souad Al-Jar, while the second-place honours went to Razan Abdulaziz and Sabeeka Amjad.

Dr. Wasan Shaker Awad, the Dean of the College of Information Technology, emphasised the significance of providing students with essential knowledge and skills while nurturing their creativity and encouraging them to think outside the box. Dr. Awad urged students to capitalize on this opportunity, benefiting from the educational and training aspects to shape their professional future and contribute to society’s advancement.

During the workshop, Dr. Resala Al-Adraj, IEEE Computer Society Chapter Chair, explained the transformative impact of digital technology on businesses and society. Students explored strategies for attracting customers, developing innovative projects and services, optimizing revenue generation and costs, fostering collaborations and partnerships, and identifying new opportunities, risks, and competitive advantages.

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