Ahlia Alumni Club in brief

Ahlia University

Ahlia University Alumni Club is open to all Ahlia’s graduates.

It also provides a variety of benefits and services to enable alumni maintain connections to their Ahlia University and fellow graduates. Ahlia Alumni Club membership comes with various privileges.

One primary objective of the Club is to support newly graduated students (alumni), in addition to providing a forum to build new friendships and business contacts with alumni of similar background.

Today, continuing relations among alumni makes a significant contribution to a university’s advancement plans and programmes.

They are often in an ideal position to transfer the expertise of the university in their professional lives.

We in Ahlia regard our alumni as our national as well as international ambassadors. Their success stories are the success stories of Ahlia!

Even though you have graduated from Ahlia, your relationship with the University continues.

All our alumni play a vital role in the continuing advancement of the University. Accordingly, you are invited and urged to stay in close touch with Ahlia. The Alumni Club is open for all Ahlia University’s graduates.

Its primary mission is to foster relations among alumni, current students and faculty and staff at AU.

We would like you to tell us about all your accomplishments. We can also help in furthering your ongoing educational plans or in assisting with finding suitable employment.

The Alumni Club also hosts several events every year for the alumni, which include social, cultural and entertainment activities.

To be updated on our latest activities, you can visit our website, social media or simply by visiting the Club on campus.