About CSA

Ahlia University

The Need for a Center for Statistical Analysis

The rationale behind establishing a Center for Statistical Analysis (CSA) at AU is helping the integration of instructors and students who are distributed across various departments and colleges.  As research becomes increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative, a CSA is essential for providing researchers (students and instructors) with statistical advice to implement appropriate statistical methods and analyze data for their research.

The CSA at Ahlia University is compelled to show the strength of the students’ research studies to internal supervisors and faculty members as well as external examiners. Since AU does not have a statistics major and since most of the faculty members are not statisticians, a student’s supervision process requires a third party such as statistician/co-supervisor to provide the student with the proper advice in choosing the right statistical method that fits the student’s research structure. Moreover, several refereed journals have assigned statisticians to review the statistical part of submitted articles. A good number of these articles were rejected due to the weaknesses of their data analysis. Therefore, the CSA would be the right place to direct both the research projects of students and the research articles of faculty members.