A new success to Ahlia University: nominating Dr. Al-Alawi as a scientific evaluator in the ABET Program

09th April 2018

Dr. Mansoor Alaali, President of Ahlia University, praised the academic and research achievements of the university professors and members of its academic faculty, noting at the same time the environment that stimulates the interest of academic accreditation and scientific research within the advanced vision of the Council of Higher Education and its General Secretariat led by the Minister of Education, Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi.

Alaali complemented the work of ABET, the leading international institution in adopting the programs of faculties and universities of Applied and Natural Sciences, Computerization, Engineering and Engineering Technology. He also received a letter of gratitude from Prof. Michael Milligan, Executive Director of ABET By the National University for Dr. Raida Al-Alawi’s activity in the ABET reliability programs.

Dr. Raida Al-Alawi had recently participated in the ABET accreditation of the Computer Engineering program offered by California State Polytechnic University, USA.

Dr. Raida Al-Alawi was selected to be an ABET program evaluator. ABET is considered to be the leading global accreditor of college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology. ABET program evaluators examine and evaluate programs against accreditation criteria – reviewing course materials and student transcripts; interviewing faculty, staff, and students; and examining academic facilities, such as laboratories and libraries. Becoming an ABET Expert is a highly selective process requiring specialized skills. Our program evaluators are leaders in their fields, have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and must demonstrate high-level competencies, such as technical currency, effective communication, and interpersonal skills. They must be team-oriented and exceptionally organized and possess a high level of integrity and ethical standards. Dr. Raida had completed intensive ABET accreditation training in USA, to enhance her knowledge of accreditation criteria, processes, and procedures required by the latest ABET accreditation standards.