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Ahlia University offers students throughout the Gulf and internationally, the opportunity to join a truly productive and challenging University to receive a technologically sophisticated and a highly distinctive liberal arts education.

All the programmes are taught by leading faculty who possess outstanding academic credentials and have all the relevant practical and professional experience to ensure our students receive a first class education.


Whether you’re venturing into a new area of study or looking to build upon your experience and knowledge in a particular field, Ahlia University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and programs, diplomas and non-award programs.


Ahlia University consider research the prime mover for knowledge acquisition and dissemination, and always recognizes and supports the research conducted by its faculty.

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The International Conference On Global Economic Revolutions (ICGER 2021)

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إعفاء خريجي المالية والاقتصاد من 5 (ACCA) امتحانات لـ

إنجاز علمي ومهني جديد لكلية “العلوم المالية والإدارية” بالجامعة الأهلية البروفيسور الحواج: مميزات تنافسية لدى خريجينا في سوق العمل في إنجاز جديد لكلية العلوم