Jenan first joined Ahlia University in 2008 as an undergraduate student and went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in 2012, and her Master’s Degree in Information Technology & Computer Science in 2015.

She first joined Ahlia’s administrative staff in 2013 as a Lab Assistant, and has been a lecturer in the Information Technology department since 2016. Moreover, she is involved in many IT Department committees and coordinates the INJAZ program within the same department.


Her research interests include Business and Artificial Intelligent Systems, Database Management, Project Management and Computer Programming. Jenan aspires to obtain her PhD in Information Technology and Computer Science.


Programming courses:

  1. ITCS122
  2. ITCS201



  1. (2016)Developing a fuzzy database for heart disease prediction. The International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ (IJAS) International Conference/ t Al Ain University of Science and Technology (AAU)

  2. (2016) Developing a fuzzy database for heart disease prediction. The fourth annual research forum /Ahlia University