Fourth Annual Research Forum – Posters

  • Dr. Ahmed Hamza – Walsh Sequences  click to view
  • Dr. Redha Dashti – Brandt-Daroff Technique click to view
  • Mr. Ali Al Jawder – Money Laundering click to view
  • Ms. Amani Al Abbas – Neuromarketing click to view
  • Ms. Fadwa Majeed – Visual Impairment click to view 
  • Ms. Fatema Al Dhaen – Sign Language click to view
  • Ms. Litty Shibu – Social Media & Physical Therapy click to view
  • Mr. Salman Shehab – Sustainability in Healthcare click to view
  • Group 1 Mr. Ahmed Nabeel, Mr. Sayed Ahmed Jaffar, Mr. Mohsin Radhi, Mr. Sadeq Jaffer – Website & Purchasing click to view
  • Group 2 Mr. Alia Jamal, Ms. Nada Ahmed, Mr. Sayed Kumail Juma, Mr. Tami Alnassar – Commerce & Purchasing click to view