Department's Welcome

The Marketing, Media & PR Department was formed in 2016 to bring together the Digital and Branding Office, Marketing & Public Relations and the Media Production Centre.

The MMPR Department has a key role in the University, with its main objectives being to promote the University, protect the University’s brand identity and provide a production service for staff and students.

Promoting the University includes newspaper articles, media features, advertisements, exhibitions and our social media presence, because this is the number one communication tool for all our students and stakeholders.

Protecting the brand identity includes ensuring the proper use of the logo throughout all Ahlia collateral, adherence to the brand guidelines and embedding the brand into the culture of the University.

Providing a production service for staff and students covers four key components:

  • Photography studio equipped with state-of–the-art digital cameras, strobe units and computing suites with editing photo composite software
  • Field Production Unit with technology essential for on-location video shooting, editing and production
  • TV Production Studio with HD technology for camera operation, make up, lighting, audio and sound mixing, character generation for titling, acting, moderating, costuming and set designing
  • Post Production Unit spanning graphic design, transferring footage for editing using latest computer software, or film screening


Bringing all activities for digital media, branding, media production, marketing and public relations together into one department helps provide the University, faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders with a unified service.



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