Reem Sayed Mansoor is a Graduate research assistant in the banking and finance department, college of business and finance at Ahlia University holding a bachelor degree in Accounting and finance from Ahlia University and currently doing a Master Degree in Business Administration at Ahlia University as well. She has worked as an operational officer in HSBC Bank for one year and then joined Ahlia University in October 2013. Reem Joined the Tradequest competition amongst Bahrain Universities in 2013 and scored second place.


Reem’s Bachelor degree research was in the field of finance with regard to the success or failure of the Euro currency. She is currently working on a master dissertation, discussing the emerging markets and investment opportunities within the field of finance.


Reem is a teaching assistant in some of the finance courses taught at Ahlia University including financial management and corporate finance. She also provides tuition for undergraduate students for Business research methods.