Khadija Ateya Almohsen was born in 1988 in Bahrain. She received her B.Sc. in Computer Science, from University of Bahrain, in 2011 with G.P.A 4 out of 4.

Ms. Khadija joined Ahlia University in 2011 as a Research Assistant. She is currently studying a Master in Information Technology and Computer Science at Ahlia University. Her research interests are: Big Data, Machine Learning, Database and Algorithms.

Prior to joining Ahlia University, she was working in Microcenter, Bahrain as Technical Support Executive and Trainer.


Khadija research interests lie in the following areas :

1. Big data.
2. Recommender system.
3. Machine Learning.
4. Algorithms and Data Structure.

Ms. Khadija Ateya Jaafar Habib Almohsen Research



While working in Ahlia, I havetaught the following courses:

1. ITCS 101 : Introduction to Computers and IT.
2. ITCS 202: Computer Systems.



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